EVERSINO Industrial Plant Equipment & Spare Parts Trading Co. L.L.C

EVERSINO Industrial Plant Equipment & Spare Parts Trading Co. L.L.C was born with the initiative of One Belt One Road for procuring and delivering good from or to China , UAE & Pakistan. We have participated in constructing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects and imported many pieces of equipment and materials.

We have built a bridge between the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and
Made in China, bringing excellent domestic enterprises and products to
Pakistan also sending those good to UAE. Our company integrates product sales, international logistics,
cargo customs clearance, equipment installation and commissioning, and
product after-sales service, to provide a one-stop service for Chinese , UAE & Pakistani Local Businesses & Enterprises


We provide customers with two primary services: one is domestic material procurement, one-stop solution delivery to the project site; the other is comprehensive logistics services, including sea transport, land transport, air transport, customs clearance, transportation and storage services; AED, PKR, RMB or USD all settlement.

We pay close attention to customer satisfaction. Whether it is existing customers or potential customers, we will make feasible plans for every order, and constantly improve our service quality, to create more cooperation opportunities for each other.

High-quality service and a good reputation have won more customer base for the company. With the deepening of our business operation in China , UAE & Pakistan, our company began to export equipment, spare parts, broken rice, Himalayan salt and iron ore to or from China , UAE & Pakistan in 2021 to enhance the trade exchange and complementary between China , UAE and Pakistan.


what defines us and inspires us to act with a focus on customer satisfaction by importing and supplying quality products at reasonable prices and sustaining our profitability. We believe in breaking down the barriers between industries through innovation & expansion.